Purple and Gray Baby Shower Cake with Baby Shoes

Cake Sizes:  8 inch and 6 inch

I was asked to make a purple and gray cake for a friend who was helping host a baby shower. It would need to travel so she asked for it to be small and the only request was that it was purple and gray to match the colors of the nursery. This gives me quite a bit of freedom. I thought that baby booties would be cute. I took a few minutes and watched a Youtube video from BronnieBakes which gave me the confidence I needed to make it on my own. My first attempt wasn’t successful as my fondant was too try, but I tried again with a little shortening and these lovely shoes were born.  I’ll definitely make them again, there are a variety of ways to make them.

I was invited to make the cupcakes for our Cub Scout Pinewood Derby this year. In previous years I have made Pinewood Derby Cakes, but this year, I was delighted to try my hand at cupcakes. I didn’t have a theme to begin with and my Google search of “Pinewood Derby Cupcakes” resulted in finding my own previously mentioned cake as one of the top search results. I didn’t realize that it had also been pinned on Pinterest a few times too! I then thought racing stripes would be fun, but there were not any good examples online until my husband suggested I modify my search to look for Herbie Cupcakes! Sure enough, my theme was perfect! I even added a good ole’ #53 to one of the cakes in honor of the car the provided my inspiration! Now it is my turn to pin my own creation to pinterest before someone beats me to it!


Rapunzel Tower Cake

Cake Sizes: 10 inch and 6 inch rounds

Strawberry Cake and White Cake (colored purple) covered with fondant and rice krispie tower

My sister-in-law let me know a few weeks ago that my niece wanted a Rapunzel cake like her sister had last year. I have been planning it for a while and almost backed out because I have been extremely busy this week. However, it knew that I needed the stress relief by making a cake and completing my plans. I knew I wanted to do a tower. Here are a couple photos along taken along my creative adventure of making the cake.

Here is my rice Krispie tower. I marbled the white fondant with black fondant and then cut out small circles to be added for a pebble look.

I knew I was going to have to assemble the tower on site in the park so I make three separate pieces that I could stack.

I drove through rush hour right after work an hour and half to assemble the cake for the birthday girl’s party in the park. It only took a few minutes to assemble and only a few minutes to take some pictures. About 10 minutes later it was eating time!

Here is what the inside looked like! I was so excited make it both pretty on the outside and inside. Everyone enjoyed the cake. It was a pleasure to make and one of my favorites so far!

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider Cake

Cake Sizes: 13×9 inch oval

Strawberry Cake covered with fondant, pipping gel, and fondant trees.

My niece had been planning her cake for months. It was either going to be a transformer cake or the lake scene from Disney’s Tangled.  Once she finally decided, or was told which one she decided, I was able to plan for this cake. It was going to be a bit more elaborate with a rice cereal wall covered in fondant with a painted castle and lanterns, but I decided to make it easier for transport. Plus I save myself a few hours by keeping it simple.  She really liked it!


Mario Kart Cake

Cake Sizes: 13×9 inch oval and 4 inch round

Yellow cake frosted with fondant. The Mario Karts are real toys, but the rest of the accents were modeled with fondant.

Another great cake referral from a friend from work! I had a lot of fun doing the research for this cake and even more fun making it! The cake was a huge hit with the adults as much as it was with the kids!

Here some additional photos to get the whole cake:



Companion Cube Anniversary Cake

Cake Sizes: 10×10 square cake pan, cut into quarters and stacked

Yellow cake frosted with fondant.  

My dear friends who I made the Gerber Daisy Wedding cake for last year asked me to make their 1 year anniversary cake. This cake is a yellow cake, the top two tiers are filled with Lemon Curd, just like their wedding cake.  We are all big Portal fans and I thought their idea of a companion cube to celebrate their anniversary was so cute! I love the game and was excited to make the cake for them.


Barbie Cake

Cake Sizes: 8 inch round and 2 quart batter bowl

Frosted with Extra Special Buttercream  Accented with hand pipping.

The cake is a white cake frosted with Laura’s favorite colors, purple and pink.  It is a little girl’s dream to get a barbie cake and I know that this little was surprised on her birthday!


Pinewood Derby Cake

Cake Sizes: 16×12 inch oval,  6 inch round,  and 4 inch round

Yellow cake frosted with fondant.  Rice Cereal treats were used for the derby track and cars.

My sister-in-law called me a few weeks ago and asked me to make a cake for her Cub Scout pack’s Pinewood Derby in January. They thought it would be a good idea to have a custom cake  for the event, and I was happy to make it!

I am glad I had a few weeks because the idea for the cake developed slowly, going from a 3 tier road cake to an actual derby themed cake. I appreciate all the insight my husband gives me while I go through the creative process.

The only difficulty in the process was the delivery, as we had to drive the cake over an hour away to Ogden.  Fortunately the cake made it safely and was enjoyed by everyone.  We didn’t stay to see the reactions of the boys or parents, but my sister-in-law said it was a great hit! She said “Everyone loved your pinewood derby cake. They were all taking pictures and asking who did it and many of them wanted seconds.” I could not have received a better compliment!


Star Gazing Wedding Cake: Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Filling. Cake Sizes: 16 inch, 12 inch and 8 inch. Covered with Marshmallow and Satin Ice Fondant. Figured molded using Gum Paste. Grass is butter cream frosting.

I love making custom cakes because they usually have a story and this cake is no exception. This cake captures the night of the newlyweds first date when they went star gazing! When I had them come to my house for their consultation a few weeks ago, I asked them to bring a few sketches of what they wanted for their wedding cake:



Most brides know exactly they want, so I hoped she would give me a good place to start. I was not disappointed! You can see that only one sketch had a truly personal touch and when I heard their story, I felt strongly that it would be their cake! I think it is unique when you have an idea for a cake that is inspired by your own experiences in life and you can share them with others through cake. I know that I was able to do the sketch and story justice with the wedding cake that I presented them. They were both very delighted and so were all the guests. It was actually the first time I had ever worked with gum paste modeling and red velvet cake, which is a bit messy (I am still cleaning up red food dye in my kitchen!) but, it looks and tastes good!

Nativity Cake- Spice Cake with butter cream Filling. Cake Sizes 12 in., 9 in., and 6 in. Covered in Marshmallow Fondant and Gum Paste figures. Accented with piped butter cream holly.

This year I was on the Christmas party planning committee for our church and volunteered to assist with dessert. I wasn’t going to do just any dessert, I wanted it to be special!  The theme of our Christmas party was “We Believe” and I felt that they most appropriate cake design would focus on the nativity.  I had originally planned to stack the cakes, with the nativity placed on the sides, but I finally decided it was best to keep the cakes separated, as it would ease the cutting process.

The cakes are a traditional spice cake with my own special butter cream as filling. I made 3 batches of marshmallow fondant and a batch of gum paste. One of the batches of marshmallow fondant I dyed dark blue.  I took the day off work on Friday to work on the creation of the nativity scene.

The cake was very delicious and moist and I was even able to get a piece! You know a cake is a success when there aren’t any leftovers!